1913 Seagrave Model J




Chassis:  Seagrave

Body:     City Service Ladder Truck

Model:   J tiller strait frame ladder


Serial Number:


Engine:  Seagrave 6 Cylinder

Model:   F6 (re-powered in mid-20's)

Cubic Inch: 1,013 cu

Horse Power:  79 hp

Ignition:  Mag / twin Distributors

               (3 plugs per cylinder)


Transmission:  Seagrave

                        3 speed chain drive

Top Speed: 


Sold New:  City of Los Angeles


Acquired by OVV:  2001


Condition:  Rough / Restorable



This was LA's first motorized city service ladder truck.  It was originally powered by an air cooled 6 cylinder engine.


Not much history is know about this truck yet.  At some point (40's or 50's) it was sold to MGM.  A private collector in the Bay Area bought it in the early seventy's and drove it around the Alameda / Oakland area for years.  While in storage, it was damaged by vandals. 


Many missing parts and pieces have been found for the restoration of this rig. 




Deleivered new to Los Angeles Fire Dept