1918 "Portland" American LaFrance




Chassis:  American LaFrance

Body:     1,000 GPM Pumper

Model:   Pumper

Type:     75

Serial Number: 1954


Engine:  6 Cylinder Hall-Scott

Model:   175

Cubic Inch:

Horse Power:  

Ignition:    Mag / Twin Dist - 3 plugs per Cyl


Transmission:  3 speed / chain drive


Top Speed:   55 mph


Sold New:  Portland, OR


Acquired by OVV:  1997


Condition:  Fair - Runs good



This is just one of the many LaFrance’s Portland Oregon bought during the teens and twenties.  Our understanding from individuals who have researched the Portland Fire Dept. is many Portland’s LaFrance’s were sent to Salem, OR for a large fire in the late 1920’s.  Unfortunately the engines did not fair well the Chief wanted the LaFrance’s updated.  The two main conversations done to the rigs were changing out the old motor with a HallScott 6 cylinder motor and a new front axle with brakes and steel rims.  The Portland Shops had to add 2” to the hood on this engine and narrowed the radiator it to get the Hallsoctt to fit.

We do not have any history of the engine after Portland surpluses it in 1945.  Eventually the owner of Fire House Pizza (which was bought by Peitro's Pizza) in Portland acquired the rig and parked in one of his pizza parlors.  In 1997 Peitro’s was bought out and all the old fire equipment was sold off.  We were able to buy a few items including this rig, which came out of the Jantzen Beach Location.