Chassis:  Kenworth

Body:  Heiser Body of Seattle  

Model:  55-SP


Serial Number:  55001


Engine:  Buda  

Model:  HS-6

Cubic Inch:  

Horse Power: 

Ignition:  Remy Distributor


Transmission:  35-4 - direct


Top Speed: 


Sold New:  City of Seattle


Acquired by OVV:  2003


Condition:  Rough - most of the wood has been reproduced.  Engine disassembled and crack fixed.  Frame blasted and parts cleaned.



This small truck was custom built for Seattle Street Shop Division in February 1928.  This is the only pick-up that was built in the factory for a customer.  The truck included special cab / bed, full length running boards, canvas top and a  blue and cream paint job.