1931 Fageol Fire Engine




Chassis:  Fageol

Body:     Challenger (Sacramento, CA)


Type:    75 GPM high pressure pump

Serial Number:


Engine:  6 Cylinder Waukesha


Cubic Inch:   404 ci

Horse Power:  60 hp

Ignition:  Dist


Transmission:  4 -main  / 3 - auxiliary


Top Speed:  60 MPH


Sold New:  Winters, CA


Acquired by OVV:  1994


Condition:  Restored 1995



Challenger Fire Equipment Company of Sacramento, California built Winters, California this tank wagon using a 1931 Fageol (Oakland, CA) chassis.  The rig has a 75-gpm Viking Pump and a 450-gallon water tank.  It is powered by a 6 cylinder Waukesha engines and has a main 4-speed transmission with a 3 speed auxiliary transmission.  The retired Chief indicated the Fageol would do 65 MPH with a full tank of water!  The Winterís Fire Dept used this rig up until the sixties at which time it was sold to the volunteers.  They used it in many musters in the late sixties and early seventies at which time the decided to completely restore the engine.  After being completely dismantled the group lost interested in the old Fageol.  Ten years later, a new group of young volunteers re-stared the restoration effort and fund raining, but once again they could not raise enough support or interest.  The parts and pieces were move many times before landing out side. 

Old Village acquired the Fageol in1994, which took 3 trips to gather most of the parts.  The main focus was to get the rig back to a road worthy condition which required many parts to be fabricated.  In 1940 the Chief had the truck completely rebuilt, which included a newer Waukesha motor, changing the running boards, cutting back the rear fenders and a new tank.  Part of the re-construction effort was to correct some of the poor design changes made in the 1940ís, which included adding splash panels, reworking the rear fenders and modifying the running boards to match what originally came on the engine.

The only other know Fageol / Challenger Fire Engine that is know to exist is owned by Bill Fageol and is complete original condition.